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About Ginger

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From a young age, my intuitive spirit was awake. I could hear, feel, and sense things.  At 15 I dreamt I was standing beside a spiritual presence in a green turban holding back a Tsunami with our hands and I knew it meant something. At 18 I found myself pregnant, confused, broke, and with very little education, but a voice told me not to give up. Although I struggled with low self-esteem and stumbled through life, I somehow knew God was watching over me. 

When life fell apart at age 30, my circumstances sent me into deep depression, prayer and meditation and a dream called me to Israel where I was to visit the Baha'i shrines. I listened and went. There I found myself in the presence of angels being told of future events ... it was the same presence from my dream at 15. Upon returning my life was a pressure cooker of tests and challenges, which I later sensed were getting me ready for the work I was being called to. The more my life dismantled, the more profound my spiritual abilities became.  Soon concepts about universal energy, fear, and the vibrational power of sound began flowing into my being.  Ultimately my breakdown fueled my own healing and helped create programs to share with others.

At 50 my art activated and I began painting images from another realm, each carrying healing power. The more I painted, the more I healed.  I now share my healing art images, art therapy and daily practice process with those wishing to open up to their own medicine.

Graphic Spiral

It took a long time...

to realize being different was my gift.

(See art images)

Graphic Spiral
Graphic Spiral

I believe ... 

The world convinces us we have limited power, which distracts us from stepping into it. 

Our work is to remember our growth is unlimited. ​

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