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At 50 after a time of intense prayer and meditation, I had a spiritual activation after sitting with my sister to paint with an online program. Something woke up and I began painting images from another dimension. I would write my prayer, struggle, or current challenge on the back of my canvas, and as I painted, colors flowed through with healing power. Each layer brought new awareness and I could feel my body fill with energy. At times I would sweat and shake and a sacred language would come through, then I would see an outline of the image in my head. I never knew what was coming or what colors would be used.  I would also write the message I was receiving on the back of the canvas.


Over time I noticed when people came to my home they were drawn to the images and the message. It was my confirmation that we are one humanity, all going through the same things.  I don't claim to know the ways of God but there is a spiritual technology infused in each image and I believe that if you take the journey, the experience will reveal itself.

I live in Claremont, California, and am a mother to 3 wonderful men, and two grandchildren.  I am also a spiritual musician and travel with my art and ceremonial drums spreading love and healing across the globe. 

Meet the artist. Ginger Grant

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