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Healing the Past

Healing the past.jpg




The prayer behind the painting: God I can’t seem to get traction. I am praying, meditating, and trying to heal my wounds and begging to be made whole, but I am waking in terror and angst about things I can’t control. They consume my thoughts and drain my energy, my fear is making my mind dull, numb, and distracted.  Why am I choosing eternal discontent over eternal happiness?  God, help me shift out of my limited thinking, I am so tired of the struggle within myself and living in echoes of the past reliving images and conversations long gone. I am just so Frikken tired.


The Message:   A new life can’t be built on wounds.  In order to feel whole, you must heal the past and traverse the layers of fear preventing your ascension into wholeness. You must announce the power of the Holy Spirit into your being to step forth as your true self.  Make room for my arrival and cleanse the heart of pain.  Bestir your heart to draw its balance from the equilibrium of truth and expand your container to receive all the good life has in store for you.  Allow me to release my power into the cauldron of your life and inform your heart that truth has arrived. I come to you in the embroidered robe of light, calling forth your inner wisdom to release the past and allow your power to flow.  I can release old truths with a drop of eternal grace and fuel a lifetime of love, power, and prosperity if you open your hands to let go.  I am here. Let me in. 


Your homework:

Invite fear to the surface of your life and acknowledge its pain.

Ask how to offer healing and comfort it with compassion and love. 

Console it and hold it close while it tells its truth.

Listen to its foundations and offer a new way forward.

Celebrate its courage and release its destructive power by loving it. 

Restore yourself by owning the frequency of “I am healing the past”.


Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

Track Coming Soon
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