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Cauldron of Enlightenment





The prayer behind the painting: I am on my journey, attempting to strip away all that is holding me back from the dream you have envisioned for my life. I am surrendering more each day to the light within. I am attempting to stay out of my own way and to release the insecurities anchoring me to a life I have outgrown.  Help me O God to release any and all energies that are keeping me from the joy you have destined for me. 


The Message:  Majesty, presence, power, life force and serenity are elements that live within you. You come from the kingdom of light powered by an inexhaustible source of love, enkindlement and ancient wisdom.  Look within to secure the presence of the one who called you forth.  Look for Him and there you will find what you seek. 


True enlightenment is knowing that spiritual joy is the closest a soul can come to the state of perfection.  Simply be the humility and power of your light, and contentment with the will of God will become your presence.


In this realm of understanding the body no longer dictates one’s happiness. If you have seen me, then your soul is breaking free of its cage and dwelling in the nearness of God and the frequency of contentment, breakthrough, acceptance, and joy.


I am here to greet you as I prepare for your arrival.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

Track Coming Soon
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