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Emergence Angel of Joy.png


Crown of Joy




The prayer behind the painting:  I am still fighting with my old stories which blind me from my truth and inner joy.  Why am choosing to be so weak? Why can’t I remember who walks with me when I feel scared, uncertain, or vulnerable?  God align me with the right words, the right heart, the right mind, the right thoughts, the right intentions, and the right attitude to make me a reed bending to the Divine will. Let my movements and my stillness be wholly directed by Thee. 


The Message: I appear when the soul and the body are no longer living in differing worlds. We assemble all potentials and align them to their truest expressions of inner light.  We are bound by Gods will and when you surrender, we appear.  If I am here, you are ready for Joy and moving out the old and inviting the new.  His joy grounds us to our true nature.  Joy is contentment within one’s spiritual self and a crown upon your head. The face can’t produce real joy without the crown in place. It will be forced, a facade an empty gaze.  Real joy comes from the Kingdom of Light and there is no other point from which joy can flow. It is born of the love and mercy of God and reveals itself through the heart, then the eyes, then regenerates itself in the smile.  This joy is felt and seen.


The body cannot know joy without the soul. Whenever you seek love, you are seeking joy. Live in this sphere which pulses light into every fragment of the universe and influences the outcome of every aspect of life.  Choose love and choose the joy that resides within you.  Compare yourself to no one as your joy is what makes you unique. Seek joy, for happiness is fleeting and shifts when the world changes around you. Joy is everlasting and draws power from a stream of never-ending grace and spiritual abundance. We are here to remind you that joy is the closest one can come to a state of perfection in this life. Joy is perfect alignment within yourself.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

Track Coming Soon
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