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Aza LayHA

The Warrior of Steadfastness




The prayer behind the painting:  I feel a strange sense of peace, yet in moments of fear I still forget who I am.  But no matter how lost I feel, something won’t let me give up, I am pulled and compelled to go higher, broader, and wider, and feel driven by an invisible force. It is you— I know it, and I am here standing beyond my fear, and I feel you calling me. What is your message?


The Message: Steadfastness is the road of changing forms. It is the journey of expansion into your higher self. A divine path reveals itself in stages and all that we see, is not as you see it, yet.  Forms are manifesting, alterations, maneuvers, alternate routes, intersections, and destinations aligning, and yet no matter the path, all flows to God. At each stop an invaluable tool is gathered allowing access to the next stage. The key in this journey of evolution is to be spiritually fortified and armored so as not to question where you are but hold fast to the knowing that you are meant to be there. Only the Divine Hand can make one feel safe on the path of the unknown, and steadfastness is the key to a divinely directed life. As shown in the winding path around my neck, your work is to resist the urge to speed up the process or turn back when tides change. Take each phase as it comes and look for the opportunities to trust God (white spaces in the path image) and earn the grace to bypass some of your purifying tests.  When you feel uncertain, pray and move in the direction that feels “most right” and be assured we will confirm your actions or correct your steps.


This is your time if you choose to walk steadfastly on the path of the unknown. Enter each phase as a warrior on the path to his Beloved never retreating in your fierce resolve to persevere.  Go now. Come now.  I am here to lead you to the radiance and light that can guide you home.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

AzLayha Music3:55 Minutes
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