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Spirit of our Grandmothers




The prayer behind the painting.  Creator I am quieting my heart as I move into my least favorite space of beginning again after the unexpected has hit. I am trying to resist my impulse to speed up the process to get to the parts I understand and accept the labor pains of rebirth. I am mourning the stories that surface when things disappoint me and make me want to hide. And this time I am taking a breath beyond not feeling good enough and choosing You. I am embracing my tears as I surrender to Your Love, Grace and Mercy and finally accepting how much You love me. I know I must seek You above the delusions of myself and the fog of what others think or say.  This is my free will to choose You over my wounds and thank you for revealing them to me and for the strange gift of uncertainty.  I know my rewards are in connection with You. Help me gain broader vision in the darkness and the ears to follow the sound of Your voice. 


The Message:  Don’t worry about what others say, what matters is what you say in return.  Don’t worry about what others think, what matters is what you think about yourself?  Don’t give into the tolls of the day, the payment is too high.  Reverse your need to know where you’re going and replace it with the need to know where you are now!  What is real is the interior space of your heart. Clean it up and clear it out to make room for the love, peace, purpose, devotion, and the self respect you so deeply desire. Who, what, when, why, how and where? Why so many questions? Why not the gift of presence? Why always somewhere else; thinking, feeling, speaking, dreaming, becoming, desiring, wondering? There is a time for that, but this is not that time. The time now is for recentering, listening, stillness and silence within. It is time for the heavenly darkness of discovery as the light breaks through to awareness. It’s time for the splendor of not knowing and the excitement of a celestial journey waiting to unfold.  Radiant expectation is the gem of the day; clean, clear, balanced, cleared out, redolent with the fragrance of spiritual perfume and the crown of your becoming.  I announce to all, that what you seek cannot be found on this earth. It lies within the experience of the celestial sphere and the knot around the neck of the one being led to the shores of the Sacred One. Stop looking for others to explain your destiny and embark on the journey of “nothing to lose” if you trust the Sacred One to be your constant companion. We are calling you to trust in what God has placed in your soul as your only measure of self-worth. We cry to the Source of Life to release you from your minds and return you to the solace and peace of the quiet moments with your Beloved.  Refrain from thinking on those lost and forgotten echoes of pain, and reinstate your remembrance of who and what you truly are .... potential unfolding daily.  Worship the life God has given you and all of its gifts, for it lasts only a moment.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

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