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Leap of Faith




The prayer behind the painting:  I am ready to take the leap of faith. I’ve tried my way enough to see it doesn’t work or bring me sustainable happiness. No more getting by, running away, or avoiding. I am tired of fighting with life and am ready to accept defeat and humble myself and do the work to activate my superpowers. I am ready to show up for myself. Please show me how to trust you, to walk in faith and to feel safe when I am uncertain.


The Message:  Faith is not something you can have; it emerges when you have the right conditions. You must subdue the ego before it can arrive and have the eyes to see the opening, or you can miss it.  The entry often manifests itself as something you don’t expect and requires you to step through the illusion to find the solace beyond fear. It is here in the forest of fear and doubt that course corrections can be made; when you are stripped of your defenses and harmful ways of being.  When you have conceded defeat of your domineering ego and stepped forth in humility to begin again, the transformation process can begin. It is from this place that one can harvest the seeds of faith and restore the Higher Power to its proper place as Universal Sovereign. It is here that the voice of the Divine can be heard and night vision be developed. Believing in God and trusting Him are very different things. When you shift from belief in a Higher Power to trusting in it, the frequency of faith activates, and a divine orchestration begins where serendipity and knowing become your way of life.


The leap has already happened. It began the moment you prayed for it. Stay prayerful. Stay airborne.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

Track Coming Soon
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