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The Protector





The prayer behind the painting:  I am jumping towards my destiny, but I am scared. I am trying something new, and I am terrified I will fail. What if I can’t pull it off?  Who is going to buy into any of this if I don’t believe in myself? I feel so imperfect, almost like a fraud, like a party trick because part of me is putting on a performance that I am somewhere that I am not. What if I am making a fool of myself? What if go blank and my powers don’t come, and no one believes in me? What if I shut down?  I don’t feel sure about who I am or that I fully know myself.  I am so tired of winging it!  Part of me is afraid to ask questions about myself, for fear I might not like what I hear or know what to do with the answer. Spirit, I am scared to take the first step towards breaking my repeating cycles, please show me how.


The Message:  If you stay plugged in and connected, I will protect you from fear and harm. I will guide you like a warrior to your soul’s destination.  I am your fierce protector on the path to your destiny and I will get you there if you step forth in courage.  I will walk with you as you calmly silence the screaming voice of fear and help you take the first step so you may be freed by the power of breakthrough.  If you accept the healing needed, I will help you flow with connection and the remembrance that you are the champion of your own journey and the warrior who steps on the guided stones of Faith.  If you accept that you are powered by Gods power, you can become an instrument for His will and a spiritual conduit for His joy.  Choose to be a device from which God’s wisdom can flow.


All that you seek is seeking you and nothing can stop you, but you.  What is needed now is prayer and the steadfastness to keep growing. It’s going to require a lot of prayer, support, and trust in times of uncertainty, but you can do this!

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

Mahashte9 Minutes
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