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Elder of Ancient Courage

Emergence_sounding the voice of god in you ear.png




The prayer behind the painting:  The minute I see the fruits of my soul work bringing joy into my life, my stupid mind convinces me the other shoe is going to drop. It tells me not to get too happy or excited so I won’t feel disappointed if things don’t work out.  It makes me forget my power and robs me of joy in moments where I should be celebrating.  I am done with this crap!  I am done!  All F’d-up parts of me better get on notice; I am going to embrace my greatness and live my dreams. I am going big, the biggest me you’ve ever seen! I worked too hard to get here, and I am never going back in the box of fear.


The Message:   Don’t let these illusions rob you of your trust in God. He and only He can provide the true power you seek.  There is no power in the voice of discontent or vibrational violence against your wounded self. You don’t need to kick anyone out or put anyone one notice, just speak kindly of your future visions, or they will not manifest. Remember trials are sent from God to assist in your evolution and education so don’t resist them, as they hold vital information to aid in your becoming. Walk with me for I have no fear, for I know where I’m going and from whence, I came.  It is the calm fierce stride of the warrior that wins battles.  Open your heart to discover the well of infinite joy residing within you and seek daily connection to find us standing ready to receive you. I am sounding the presence of God in your ear so you can hear and remember His voice. Be still and quiet and listen for He who breathed life into you when you were sleeping in the cradle of the invisible realm.


We see you. We are here for you. You are not alone.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

Track Coming Soon
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