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Shonom HA

Headdress of Light. 




The prayer behind the painting:  Help me see my true beauty. I am so hard on myself, always comparing myself to others or letting echoes of who and what I should be or look like influence me.  I am tired of being mean to myself and judging myself, which makes me judge others. Why do I do this?  God get these abusive voices of self-doubt out of my head and help me remember the beauty of who you made me to be.  There is only one me, and if I don’t love and accept myself no one else can.  I seem only to value the Facebook vision of me, the pretty one who is desired by all and successful, but all of me is important, even when I am going through stuff and want to hide my faults; that person is powerful too, because she never gives up. Please release me from seeking others’ approval or looking for acceptance in others opinions and show me how to love all parts of me, even the hurting ones. Please reach for me when I get lost in the fog of my personal growth.


The Message:  You are a divine gem crowned with the headdress of light.  You are the spectrum and must see the fullness of your beauty in order to be whole. There is nothing you don’t possess; you are power, you are love, you are brilliance, you are creativity, you are courage, you are strength, and most importantly you come from the kingdom of light. You are the All.  Keep adjusting your spiritual process until it feels right; until it opens doors to your heart and gives you a sense of peace and safety. In times when you feel confused, unseen, or unheard, take a healing breath and reach to us in prayer and with gentle hands we will guide your evolution. Keep pushing through and know when struggles lead you back to us, you are on the right track.  Your transformation is gaining great momentum. Move into your heart and out of your head to see your truth and beauty. You are a light in the heavens and a star in the universe.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

Shonomha Music6:41 Minutes
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