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Solay Ha

Angel of Grace and Nobility




The prayer behind the painting:  I can’t get things to go right for very long and I’m afraid when things are too good the other shoe will drop. Why can’t I remember that all my needs are met and there is no power greater than God? I know why, because I am afraid God is done trying to fix me and that I should stop asking or hoping because I have so many flaws and I am probably unworthy of help or rescue. I have begun to believe that suffering is my payment for all my mistakes, but I know this isn’t true!  I know Gods Mercy is bigger than any story I have about myself.  Spirit, help me heal my stories around suffering and see the truth of who I am so I can move forward.  I am tired of being scared.


The Message:  Nobility and worthiness are your birthright. It is a crown placed upon your head at birth when you are in perfect alignment. They are not earned; they are bestowed as gifts from God.  Be assured that you are part of the beauty of the spiritual world, and nothing can change that.  The journey of forgetting is at the heart of your confusion, as you are meant to forget in order to remember. It is in the questioning that you find your answers.  Pain is a tool for learning, and nothing else, and until you believe in the love God has for you, your own judgments will masquerade as truth and keep you in feelings of unworthiness. The valley of search is the perfect alignment for remembering the truth of your divine origins and that you are a spiritual diamond, noble and worthy.  You come from a world of pure light, one without fear or pain, filled with Divine Grace and your spiritual self-called forth your physical self.  Take your drink of the divine elixir and release your confusion to God in prayer. I will help reconnect your vibration to step forth as your highest self.  Until you release, there is no peace.  I will walk beside you every step of the way if you accept my hand.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

Solay HA Music6:23 minutes
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