About the creator of Soul-Hub ...


It took a long time to realize
that was my gift.
Energy and Fear Coach
Ginger Grant

I believe society convinces us we have limited power, which distracts us from stepping into it.

My story. From a young age I could hear and feel things most people couldn't. At 15 I had a dream I was standing beside a radiant spiritual presence in a green turban and we were holding back a Tsunami with our hands. I had no idea what it meant, but I never forgot it. (30 years later I got the 2nd part to that dream.)


At 18 I found myself pregnant, confused and broke with very little education, but a voice kept telling me not to give up.  Although I struggled with low self-esteem and made a ton of mistakes, I somehow knew God was watching over me.  And it became very evident at age 30, when my life fell apart that He was. 

My breakdown.  In attempts to make sense of the fallout of my life, I took a chance trip to Israel where I visited the Baha'i shrines.  There I found myself in the presence of angels being told of future events of who I would marry, our unborn children, my capacity and how my gifts could benefit others. It was the same presence from my dream at 15. Upon return, my life was a pressure cooker. My fear, doubt, worry, shame, guilt and at times desperation were all-consuming. Yet the more my life fell apart, the more profound my spiritual abilities became.  Soon after, knowledge began streaming into my consciousness. This was far beyond anything I could conceive. Concepts about universal energy, about fear release and the vibrational power of sound.

My work and joy.  My breakdown fueled my coaching and intuitive healing work.  As a result, the modules and tools I created for my clients evolved into an incredible daily practice and tool-kit which began transforming lives. I had created something I wished existed when I needed help years ago. This was a confirmation that our gifts are meant to be shared. 

Creating Soul-Hub and MyDailyPractice have been the greatest joys of my life. In doing so I healed myself and opened doors to helping others.

My life:  I am a writer, a foodie and cook, a spiritual artist, a salsa dancer and a closet singer. I have a corny sense of humor and you will surely hear my family howling as we watch, The Office, Key and Peele and Parks and Recreation while eating home popped popcorn. We are adventurers and lovers of life.   My true happiness is spending time with family and friends and helping others see their true value and worth.


My oldest son Julian and his beautiful family. Wife Sameen, daughter Leili and son Cameron.

My amazing sister, mentor and guardian angel Kelly.

Me and my youngest boys Jaden and Kai and our dog Francis.

Me and my bestie Sewa in the Sage fields.

My tranquil writing spot in Ojai.