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The Opening

Warrior of Light





The prayer behind the painting: I will no longer bend or dim my light to accommodate differing views. I will not dilute my spiritual truth because it makes someone uncomfortable.  I will walk staunchly and lovingly as my whole-self in the wisdom and knowing of my soul.  I will live in the freedom of remembering who I serve, who walks with me, who I am, and where I come from, and own my nobility and divine roots. If I can be swayed to walk differently than I believe, then I must not truly believe it. Thank you, adversity, for showing me my cracks and the danger of lowering my vibration in order to fit in.  If someone requires me to shift my gears down, then they are not the people for me. I am stepping forth in wholeness, as my authentic voice and as the medicine that is me. This is my soul statement.


The Message:  When you know you are the light, you don’t fear the dark, for without it you cannot know your light. Every glow sent from the moon tells a story as it hovers in dark, shifting in form, intensity, and light. Every moon cycle serves a purpose and has meaning when a new moon comes. Every revolution around the earth reveals a path somewhere. Walk in the stride of the inner warrior stripped of outer deflections of fear. “The Opening” is here, remember the power of your light; fierce, blazing, and intense, and also soft and gentle. Walk the path of the good warrior, strong, upright, noble, and authentic. Walk as the wind and the sound of your heartbeat. Write the story of your life with the footprints of courage and in the ways of your spiritual ancestors, strong, vigilant, courageous, and unified without prejudice or competition. Fear nothing but denying yourself the truth of who you are, which can only be revealed when you walk as the light.  Don’t dim your light for anyone or apologize for being on a spiritual path, it is all that truly has meaning. Own it, be it, embody it, and pull your strength from walking as it.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

Track Coming Soon
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