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The Royal Falcon

The Invisible Kingdom





The prayer behind the painting:  I am the village I seek. Within me dwells the knowing and power of my inner journey. Mother earth is here to cradle me, to welcome me, to honor me, to elevate me and dwell within me. I am speaking forth my healing journey and calling it into being. I am speaking forth all that is here to receive me and calling it into being. I am leaving nothing unsaid to my broken heart and all past traces and wounds that I carry.  I am the glow of the sun and the soft light of the moon. I await no earthly thing to consecrate my being and dwell in the land of the invisible kingdom.


The Message: Creation is the source of power and of every soul designing its own existence in time and space. It is here we withdraw from the physical self and surrender to the multitude of our inner dimensions and the spirit world. When the sun rises Creator offers another day, and within us the sun of truth must rise, honoring our duality of warming or burning with our rays.  Our grandmothers sit to harvest the light of the moon reminding us of the softness we carry, as our ancient mothers hold the remembrance of our three onenesses that we are sacred, noble, and worthy.  The womb cave awaits as we pass through her for rebirth and surrender, emerging on the steps of the eternal city lined by the trees of life where we step into the celestial waters and dive deep with the whales of wisdom and knowledge.  Although some won’t emerge from the cave, all are held in her care for healing.


Below, the ancient people honor the land and stand in robes of light to plant and harvest the seeds of humanity. Above mother wind breathes life into all and below mother earth regenerates and creates new life. Cresting above, the Royal Falcon calls all to the Oneness of God, and assembles the ancestors, wisdom keepers, teachers, guides, helpers, and protectors in the clouds of the His divine presence.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

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