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Tree of Abundance

Divine Inheritance

Emergence Tree of Abundance.png




The prayer behind the painting:  God I think I am scared of money. Scared of who I will become with it and of who others will become if I have it. Can I be a good steward of it? I have chased it for so long that my heart isn’t sure it wants to come to me, yet the more love I have for myself, the more it seems to come to me.  I think I am scared to fail and succeed, and this keeps me stuck.  I know the connection is there. Show me how to water the hardened soil of my inner poverty and plant seeds of gratitude which leads to all abundance. Show me how to receive and accept the abundant life you have envisioned for me.


The Message:  A tree firmly rooted bears fruit.  Fruits of health, wealth, love, service, and joy.  You are all the elements of the universe; they all reside within you. There is nothing out of your reach if you pull from your reservoir of Divine inspiration to extract the nectar of eternal bliss. Pray, meditate, release, and get resolved within to allow us to become the essence of your inner abundance and call forth its expression into every aspect of your life.  Roll into your being all the forces of the past, present and future and make them your ally.  Don’t fight with them; love them and heal them.  You are there; everything you need is within you. Love and forgive yourself and others. Drink it, dwell in it and rain down with its showers of power. Pull it in from your roots, sprinkle it from your flowers and draw comfort from its shade.  Release your voice to sing out its praises and manifest the invisible into the visible. Wield it, draw it forth, extract its essence from every derivative of love and let the abundance that fuels all life become yours.  Amplify your throat energy by singing the sound Ahhh while holding the vision of abundance in your mind.  I will match your vibration clearing blocks to the frequency of your divine inheritance. You are the watering device you seek. Water your tree with the showers flowing from the divine stream.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

Track Coming Soon
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