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Crown of the Covenant

Emergence Go within.png




The prayer behind the painting:  My pain wants answers now and I am being impatient, I can feel it. I am trying to find the now by focusing on the future. Hey, let’s call a psychic, or do some tarot cards to find some clarity, but my soul knows this is only an attempt to take shortcuts to my inner work. I want the quick answer which robs me of the skills needed to find the answer within myself.  God something in me is afraid to go in and believes becoming too spiritual will mean more tests, confusion, and suffering.  How do I accept my big work and remember that tests are medicine and when you’ve studied, you are not afraid of them?


The Message:  You must go within before you ask the world for your answers. You were born with the Crown of the Covenant on your head; the promise that God will always guide you and His power and love are the glue and motivating force in your life. Your answers lie in the stillness, in the ocean waves, on the mountain top, in the quiet creek, under the night sky draped in the wisdom of the stars. There you can get to the core of your discontent and meet the champion who walks you to the gates of surrender. Seeking instant answers and mind games of creative avoidance lead to a life half lived and half asleep.  You must be awake and alert to see the signs and follow them.  How will you experience the power and synergy of the moment if you’re not living in it? How will you feel part of the universe trapped in a cage of confusion? 


Wake in the stillness of your mind and let go of the need to console it with answers. Seek the breath of trust that you will be guided to the right person, book, message, or environment that leads you where you need to be. This is not the time for doing, solving, moving, or searching outwardly. We are here to remind you that if you don’t go within, you will go without.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

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