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Warrior of Truth




The prayer behind the painting: Help me lift the shield from my heart and see the visible and invisible truth. Break down the barriers over my heart.  I know parts of me are hiding from the stories I have made up about myself, pretending they are true. I can see my defense mechanisms stepping forth when I don’t expect it. My insecurity is masking the real me, and at times I don’t feel like my authentic self.  Who told me these stories and why am I believing them if they don’t make me happy or feel empowered?  I am ready to strip down and surrender my mask and open myself to a new truth.  I am ready to step into the places where I have hidden lies about myself and others and bring them into the light of healing.


The Message:  We must tell the truth about the places where we hide our true feelings and allow the light to bring new awareness to outworn patterns. You must use every resource to see through the lens of truth to mature the yellow seeds growing from patterns of pain.  Bring in as much light as possible to illuminate the room that stands in the hollow of your heart and fill it with prayer and love to express the real truth beyond the echoes of suppressed pain.  There is no power greater than God and any truth beyond this is merely a figment of your mind.  Be in the power of the pain as it burst to release the truth, for until truth is spoken, pain cannot escape or release its intense hold over you. There can be no performances, the release must be real. Be only in the miracle of the patience of God as he delivers your true healing. Be present, listen, immerse, and receive what is needed, for truth cannot arrive if you resist the lesson. Use its tools and practices, for once you have experienced the healing, you have the formula.  Until you tell the truth of your hidden pain, and what is hurting in your heart, you cannot reach your full potential, for you are not whole. Your new truth will bring the red seeds of prosperity. 

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

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