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Yomari N'ha

Empress of Gratitude




The prayer behind the painting: Forgive me God for seeming ungrateful when I get fearful. In this space I lose the ability to release all to You or feel provided for by the universe.  Show me how to feel grateful when I am scared and the real truth of my blessings. I have been given so much, but my pain convinces me I am without when things don’t line up perfectly to my expectations. I feel guilty and worried that my ingratitude and negative thoughts will bring more bad luck. Please get me out of my head so I can see my many blessings and feel and acknowledge them. I am ashamed of my ingratitude when you have given me so much. Help me remember Creator that I am part of you, He who is the source of all abundance, grace, mercy, and power.  Show me how to crave the love of God and to wake at dawn in search of Him and to feel the inner gratitude borne of His love. 


The Message:  When you see your self as I do, you can witness the eternal love God has for you and the power within you. As a divine gem God has placed at your feet all the riches of this world and the next, but to receive them you must feel worthy of them.  Clear your heart of pain to embark on your journey into knowing, believing and receiving, and let your gratitude usher in the divine blessings you so richly deserve and desire. Do not go without thinking only perfection brings bounties and blessings, love yourself just as you are with your flaws of growth and transformation, for they are gifts leading to the next gate.  Be grateful for each breath, for if you wake each morning you have a role to play and are meant to be here. Open your eyes to the effulgence of the realm from which you come and know you are being watched over.  When you see the truth of your inner light, gratitude and humility will become your state of being and from here all things flow.  See the awe as God shows her the truth of who she his and the splendor of seeing herself as He sees her.

Read the message, then listen to the music below while looking at the image. Often you may feel a connection or receive a personal message.

Yomari Music 5 Minutes
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